1. REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS.  Madison Public Schools (MPS) is requesting qualifications from interested construction management firms (CM) to provide construction management at risk services for the construction of work briefly described as HVAC updates, parking lot construction, and miscellaneous remodeling at the school district facilities located at 700 South Kent Street, Madison, Nebraska.

2. POLICY.  The Construction Management at Risk Policy adopted by MPS is attached and incorporated by reference.  

3. CONTRACT.  The terms and conditions of the contract shall be as provided in AIA Document A133-2009, AIA Document A201-2007, and AIA Document A312-2010, ALL AS AMENDED.  A copy of AIA documents may be obtained from:  American Institute of Architects – Nebraska, P.O. Box 8045, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 402-472-1476 or http://www.aiane.org/.  A copy of ConsensusDOCS documents may be obtained from: Associated General Contractors-Nebraska Building Chapter, 1327 H Street #202, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 402-438-0400 or http://www.agcnebuilders.com.  A copy of the contract amendments is attached. Any proposed changes or modifications to the contract documents or amendments must be presented in the CM’s statement of qualifications and will be taken into consideration during the selection process.  Any work subcontracted by the CM is to be awarded by competitive bidding unless otherwise agreed by MPS in writing.

4. PROJECT INFORMATION.  The preliminary plan for the project is:

A. Scope and Nature.  Work of the project includes: Upgrade temperature control system in North Addition; Replace four existing heat pumps in High School; Replace cooling heat exchanger, controls, and pumps; Update heating heat exchanger and controls; Replace cooling tower; Add heating and ventilation to the Connecting Link; Add separate exhaust for Home Ec.; Update controls in the existing mechanical room; Provide low return air grilles in the North Addition; Add ERV for the North Addition; Insulate the exterior walls of the North Addition; Construct a 42 stall concrete parking lot.

B. Site.  700 South Kent Street, Madison, NE 68748.

C. Schedule.  Construction is tentatively planned to begin May 25th 2015.  The proposed date of substantial completion is August 10th 2015.

D. Estimated Budget.  The preliminary estimated budget for the entire project is $583,375.00.    

5. PROJECT ARCHITECT.   The architect for the project is Fakler Architects, L.L.C., 1001 N. 6th St., Beatrice, NE 68310, (402) 228-3020.  All questions, clarification, or interpretations of the documents regarding the project or this RFQ should be directed to the architect or district legal counsel.

6. QUALIFICATION EVALUATION CRITERIA.  The qualification evaluation criteria and the relative weight of each criterion shall be as provided in the Policy.

7. STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS.  The CM shall include the following in his qualifications:

A. The financial resources of the CM to complete the project (5%).

(1) Surety – provide certification from surety that CM’s bonding capacity is adequate to construct the proposed project

(2) Insurance – provide certificates from your insurance carrier(s) for required coverage for construction services

B. The ability of the proposed personnel of the CM to perform (20%).

(1) Provide an organization chart identifying the CM’s team, the organization of such team, and the lead individual in each role classification. These include, but are not limited to, the following services (if applicable) for the project:

a. CM Principal

b. Project Superintendent

c. Project Foreman

(2) List any specialty subconsultants required for the project.  

(3) For each individual listed above, provide the following resume information:

a. Name and role in the project

b. Relationship to CM (employee, sub-consultant, subcontractor, etc.)

c. Company

d. Contact information (address, phone)

e. Professional registrations/certifications

f. Years with current firm and with other firms

g. List of five (5) relevant or similar projects including:

i. Project name and brief scope of services provided

ii. Year completed

iii. Reference (name, title, phone and email address)

C. The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience, and efficiency of the CM (30%).

(1) CM shall list a reference in the following categories (provide name, company, address, phone and relationship to the reference):

a. Financial (bank or surety)

b. Project of similar scope (contractual point of contact for political subdivision)

c. Facility user of project of similar scope (such as school principal, department manager or facility manager)

D. The quality of performance on previous projects (10%).

(1) The CM shall list five (5) completed projects of similar scope or budget and provide the following information for each:

a. Project name – brief description of relevance to the project of this RFP

b. Address

c. Owner, contact name, title, address and phone

d. Design Professional – firm name, contact name, address and phone

e. Type of project delivery (CM@Risk, design-build, design-bid-build)

f. Project performance

i. Budget

ii. Schedule (days/months)

iii. List 3 specific problems and how they were resolved

iv. Claims made by owner regarding budgets, schedule or performance

E. The ability of the CM to perform within the time specified (20%).

(1) Provide detailed information on the five (5) listed projects above with respect to:

a. Design schedule – in working with the design professional, the proposed and actual (number of calendar days total for programming, preliminary design and final design)

b. Construction schedule – proposed and actual

i. Date of Substantial Completion

ii. Date of Final Completion

iii. Post-construction warranty work required

iv. Whether client was inconvenienced by the delivery dates of any of the services provided by the CM

F. The previous and existing compliance of the CM with laws relating to the contract (5%).

(1) Whether CM or its team have been cited for failure to comply with local, state or federal law of any nature in the last five (5) years.

a. If yes, explain in detail

(2) Whether there are any civil or criminal actions pending against the CM any proposed member of the team

a. If yes, explain in detail

G. Such other information as may be secured having a bearing on the selection (10%).

(1) Subcontractors: List the work on this project you expect to subcontract

(2) Current capacity: provide a list of your firm’s and your sub-consultant’s current contracted projects and the scope of those projects

(3) Any proposed changes to the contract documents or amendments required by this RFP.

(4) A fee proposal and description of services:

a.  Provide a fee proposal in a fixed CM’s fee expressed as a lump sum amount for CM services of the Project.

b.  An estimated cost of expenses to be reimbursed expressed as a lump sum amount of the total expenses to be reimbursed to the CM for the entire project.

c.  A fixed fee expressed as a lump sum amount in the event the Project is terminated by the School District at the conclusion of the preconstruction phase.

d.  A schedule of any other CM fees listed in AIA Document A133, AS AMENDED by the school district’s amendments.

8. BONDS AND INSURANCE.  The CM shall procure and maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance (statutory), Employers’ Liability Insurance ($1,000,000), Business Automobile Liability Insurance ($1,000,000), Commercial General Liability Insurance ($1,000,000/$2,000,000), Excess Liability ($4,000,000), and any other insurance required by law or the contract documents.  The CM shall procure and furnish Payment and Performance Bonds and a GMP Guarantee Bond Agreement or any other bonds required by law or the contract documents.  Required coverages and limits will be furnished to the CM during contract negotiations.

9. SUBMISSION.  10 copies of the qualifications shall be addressed and delivered in a sealed envelope to Madison Public Schools, Attn: Mr. Alan Ehlers, 700 South Kent Street, Madison, NE 68748.  Qualifications will be received until 3:00 p.m. (Central Time) on Monday April 13, 2015.  Any qualifications received after that time and date will not be opened or considered, and will be returned to the CM.  

10. IDENTIFICATION OF QUALIFICATIONS.  Qualifications shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the CM’s name, address, and telephone number clearly marked on the cover.  The lower left corner of the sealed envelope should read as follows: “QUALIFICATIONS FOR RENOVATION AND REMODEL PHASE I.”

11. NOTICE.  By submitting a statement of qualifications, the CM agrees to waive any claim it has, or may have, against MPS and their agents or representatives, and their respective employees, arising out of, or in connection with, the administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any statement of qualification; waiver of any requirements under the proposal documents or the contract documents; acceptance or rejection of any statements of qualification or proposals; and award of the contract.

12. WITHDRAWAL OF QUALIFICATIONS.  A request to withdraw a statement of qualifications must be made in writing and filed with the Superintendent of MPS prior to the time set for the opening of statements of qualification.  No statement may be withdrawn following the opening of qualifications.

13. OPENING OF QUALIFICATIONS.  Qualifications will be opened publicly and in the presence of CMs and/or their representatives beginning at 7 p.m. (Central Time) on Monday April 13, 2015, or as soon as possible thereafter, at 700 South Kent St., Madison, NE 68748.

14. DISQUALIFICATION.  CMs may be disqualified and their statements of qualification disregarded for reasons which include but are not limited to the following:

A. MPS has reason to believe that CMs have engaged in collusion.

B. The CM being interested in any litigation against MPS.

C. The CM is in arrears on any existing contract or has defaulted on a previous contract.

D. The CM has uncompleted work which, in the judgment of MPS will prevent or hinder the prompt completion of this construction project, if it were awarded to the CM.

15. SELECTION PROCEDURE.  The selection team, selection procedure, interview process, contract negotiation process, and contract execution process shall be as provided by the Policy or as otherwise provided or allowed by law.

16. NON-RESPONSIVE STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATION.  A CM that fails to respond to any request for information may be deemed non-responsive and its qualifications may not be considered for the award.

17. DEBARMENT.  Submission of a statement of qualifications in response to this RFQ is certification that you, your company, and any subcontractor is not currently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or otherwise excluded from submitting proposals to any State or Federal department or agency or any political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.

18. REJECTION OF QUALIFICATIONS.  MPS reserves the right (a) to terminate the selection process at any time; (b) to reject any or all qualifications or proposals; and (c) to waive formalities and minor irregularities in the statements of qualification received.  MPS further reserves the right to conduct a pre-award survey of any firm under consideration to confirm any of the information furnished by the firm or to require other evidence of managerial, financial, technical and other capabilities, the positive establishment of which is determined by MPS to be necessary for the successful performance of the contract.  MPS further reserves the right to cancel or amend this RFQ at any time and will notify all recipients accordingly.